Youth Build


YouthBuild went “green” a decade ahead of the U.S. construction industry.  How do you explain this?  YouthBuild is a non-profit training program that has empowers low-income young people to become skilled construction workers.  Throughout the United States and across the globe, YouthBuild graduates build affordable housing, community centers and schools.  A common misconception is that green buildings cost more.  But YouthBuild founder Dorothy Stoneman, a veteran teacher (not a builder) got it right.  Saving energy costs little or nothing up front and saves a lot of money over the long haul.  Building green also gives young people the best possible future jobs and lives.  Under Stoneman’s leadership, YouthBuild USA launched its Green Initiative in 2005 with the aim of making green building practices the norm and helping to protect the future of the planet.  Stoneman’s 40-year career is being celebrated in New York in October 2018.  Tackling all the hard problems seems crazy until you consider YouthBuild.

Ellen Watts

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