Inspiration From Singapore


Named the most sustainable city in Asia, Singapore is an emerging leader in climate resilience. Singapore is a city state off the coast of Malaysia that is only three times Boston’s land area, but almost matches the entire state of Massachusetts in population. Like other major cities, Singapore faces a variety of climate-related risks including sea level rise, extreme temperatures, increased rainfall, and drought, all of which impact public health and critical infrastructure. Singapore is well on its way to understanding these predicted risks and how to design resiliently.

Singapore’s Public Utilities Board (PUB) launched the Active, Beautiful, Clean Water Program to create a framework for resilient projects that capture stormwater to reduce flooding and harvest rainwater for reuse. The goal of the project is to integrate these projects into an urban setting that people can enjoy as parks and gardens. As of 2016, PUB had certified 62 projects across the city ranging from eco business parks, to rain gardens in hospitals, to floodable parks along the river. These projects harvest up to 60% of the stormwater they capture for reuse.

Anna Arscott

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