Climate Ready Boston

City of Boston

How do you turn bad news into a kind of calling that ignites a generation?  The City of Boston is rising to this challenge.  In December 2016, the Walsh administration didn’t flinch from publishing an inconvenient truth.  In graphic detail, Climate Ready Boston lays out the most likely climate impacts – rising seas, heavier precipitation and extreme heat data – based on the best available predictive climate modeling.  The City’s next move?  In May 2017, the City launched the Climate Ready Boston Leaders Program, an outreach initiative to help broadcast key findings from the Climate Ready Boston.  The first cohort of trained Climate Ready Boston leaders facilitated 35 events, reaching 600 fellow citizens.  The second cohort led another 40 events, reaching another 700 citizens.  Neighbor-to-neighbor talks have not only quelled panic but also supercharged the volunteers whose lasting power is their uncommon knowledge.

Ellen Watts

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